Sample Request

BOSCORF welcomes requests from bona fide researchers and graduate students worldwide to sample the cores in its care. Its mission is to promote secondary use of its holdings so they can further add to the knowledge base.

However, use of BOSCORF cores is subject to certain rules which users should be familiar with. Users are required to fill out a Sample Request Form (this can be downloaded below) and provide a short paragraph describing the purpose of their research prior to taking samples. The Sample Request Form and summary paragraph should be emailed to the Curator:

Dr Suzanne MacLachlan


Users are asked to acknowledge BOSCORF in any publications engendered or partly engendered by their use of the facility and to supply the repository with reprints of such papers. It is essential that BOSCORF is notified of any research outcome from work undertaken at BOSCORF. We produce an annual report which highlights the varied work undertaken here, and it is highly appreciated if you can forward the DOI or link to any paper, abstract, book or conference presentation.

Thank you for your interest in BOSCORF.

BOSCORF Sample provision brochure


Sample request form PDF format